Regula Kilchsperger is a master jeweler trained in Switzerland. Combining her international experience and meticulous skills, she creates bespoke handmade jewelry and objects that reflect her passion and determination in non-conventional and unique interpretations. Her approach is spontaneous and open minded. Objet trouvé and nature’s creations serve as initial impulses in finding her artistic expressions.

Every piece of Regula’s jewelry is one of a kind — crafted with great attention to detail, zen-like patience and love for the unique nature of materials. Regula’s bespoke jewels reflect her clients’ individuality and emerge from responding to their desires.


After working in Switzerland and receiving her masters craftsman’s diploma, Regula moved abroad to work with renowned jewelry designers Frédéric Zaavy in Paris, James de Givenchy in New York and Otto Jakob in Karlsruhe. In 2014 Regula moved back to Zurich to launch her own atelier.